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Ceramic Crown
A tooth crown is a porcelain or gold cap that is used to rebuild and strengthen a weak or broken tooth.

The procedure consists of 2 appointments, the first to prepare the tooth and take an impression of the modified structure.  This is then sent to the technician who will fabricate the crown.  The second appointment is to cement the crown on to the prepared tooth.  In between these appointments we fit the prepared tooth with a temporary white crown made in the surgery so aesthetics and function are not too compromised between appointments. Shade selection of the tooth is also taken by the dentist and/or technician. The end product will be an ideal looking and functioning tooth in gold or the same shade as your other teeth.
There are many reasons crowns will be recommended by a dentist:
  • Your tooth has a very large filling that exceeds your natural tooth structure
  • You have had root canal therapy which has weakened the tooth
  • For cosmetic enhancement as tooth shapes can be manipulated to a more desirable shape
  • To strengthen teeth under heavy occulsal load.

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