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Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial structures that are permanently placed into the jaw to replace lost or missing natural teeth.

The bottom part of the implant is a titanium screw. This osteointegrates into the bone, to provide a stable base to place a crown, bridge or denture on top. They are suitable to replace one or more teeth and home care is the same as for normal teeth. If you are more curious about these we have interactive models that can show you in depth how these function.

Single tooth implant

  • Looks like the original tooth which can be manipulated if desired
  • Cared for the same as the other teeth in the mouth
  • Doesn’t damage adjacent teeth
  • Suitable in the front and back of the mouth

Implant bridge

  • Used for replacing two or more teeth
  • Implants act as anchors for bridge to sit upon
  • Gives fixed option for long edentulous spaces that would otherwise need a removable appliance.
  • Can be used to reconstruct an entire arch of teeth, not covering the palate
  • An alternative to a full denture

Implant supported denture

  • Most common for lower denture wearers but work well for uppers as well.
  • Provides stability and retention for dentures that are otherwise difficult to wear
  • Provides confidence for denture wearers that are nervous on speaking or eating in public situations
  • Still provide soft tissue support for a better facial profile masking bone loss from extracted teeth.

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