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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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The extraction of wisdom teeth is a common procedure and is performed to correct an actual problem or to prevent future ones.  It is common for your wisdom teeth to fully or partially erupt at an awkward angle. This can be due to the jaw not being large enough to accommodate the wisdom teeth.

At Ilam Dental Centre we offer surgical wisdom tooth extractions at our clinic, so you don’t need to visit a specialist.

Some common problems resulting from wisdom teeth:

  • Food impaction due to unusual contact with the tooth infront
    • This can cause decay on the tooth in front or the wisdom tooth itself, as it can cause oral hygiene to become difficult to maintain
  • Infection of the gum partially covering the tooth as bugs can get under here as it is not properly sealed due to the tooth not being fully erupted
    • Can cause pain, inflammation, swelling and occasionally pus
    • The infection can be life threatening if left untreated.
  • Pathology can occur related to the wisdom tooth

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