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Regular Dental Check Up

Dental Bridges
Regular dental care can help prevent and stabilise disease in the oral cavity.

If problems are identified at an early stage, emphasis on prevention via oral hygiene instruction can help patient to reminerlise their own decay before it needs to be filled or restore small cavities while they are still small. Regular dental attendance gives support to the patient to help them maintain good oral health increasing the chance of saving your tooth from extraction or root canal therapy, and saving you costs in the long run.

Remember you only get one set of teeth so visit your dentist twice a year to get your teeth checked and cleaned.
A regular check up with the dentist includes a close examination of each tooth. X-rays are also a standard procedure which allows your dentist to:
  • Give you detailed instructions on the care of your unique mouth
  • Give your mouth a thorough clean and head off any pending  dental problems
  • Catch small problems while they are small!

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